We provide all types of wire and cable products. We provide all types of wire and cable products. Listed For Respooling

Anaheim Wire Products

Value Added Services:

  • Twisting
  • Stripping
  • Cut and Stripe

Anaheim Wire Products is a ROHS compliant, worldwide distributor of electronic, automotive wires, hook up wires, military, industrial, medical, entertainment and computer wire and cable. Whatever your electrical application, we warehouse millions of feet in a comprehensive assortment of custom wires & cables to meet your wire and cable needs. Just let us know your usage and delivery dates and we’ll handle the rest. We have no minimum orders and we ship same day stock orders.

Anaheim Wire supports going green.

Our extensive list of available wire and cable stock includes:

Anaheim Wire is a value added distributor that offers twisting, dyeing, wire cutting & striping and stripping. We are your source for a broad range of TFE hook-up wire, and hi-temp automotive wires (GXL-SXL) in various colors, types of conductors, voltage ratings and gauge sizes. We also offer multi-conductor wires for your electrical needs.

Wire and cable sold by Anaheim Wire are ROHS compliant when specified and carry Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval tags. And because not every customer has a need for a 30,000 ft. bulk spool of wire or cable we are listed and approved by UL and CSA for respooling lengths cut to customer requirements.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Selecting the right wire or cable to meet your application needs has never been easier. Anaheim Wire technical specialists are knowledgeable service professionals who will guide you through the wire and cable selection process, whether your application calls for custom wires & cables or wire cutting & striping an off-the-shelf item.

Questions to keep in mind when specifying wire and cable include:

  • gauge size AWG (wire diameter increases as gauge goes down) or Metric
  • number of conductors (as many as needed)
  • color codes
  • shielded or non-shielded
  • foil or braid
  • composition of outer jacket insulation (PVC, polyethylene, polyurethane, TFE and more)
  • color of outer jacket other than standard black or gray
  • voltage requirements
  • operating temperature ranges
  • stranded, solid, T/C, B/C, silver or nickel plated copper

Contact us today for more information about wire cutting & striping, automotive wires, hook up wires and multiconductor wires! Or click here to view our online catalog.

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